• Solutions

    Sino-Auto expert team can provide reliable, energy saving and high-quality material handling solutions in different industries (e.g. compounding, polymer synthesis, plastics processing, new energy lithium battery, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.).

    ★Compounding ★Plastic Processing
    ★Polymerization ★Food/Pharmaceutical & Coplasticizer

    Sino-Auto Total Solution

    Small Bag Unloading High-speed Slitting Machine
    Super Sack Unloading Bulk Container / Hopper Truck Unloading
    Raw Material Storage Raw Material Pretreatment
    Pneumatic Conveying Automatic Proportioning
    Homogenizing Bulk Container / Hopper Truck Loading
    Integrated Packing
  • Analysis and Advice

    Trustworthy and responsible business relationship must be based on a barrier-free communication with our customer, after the full understanding of the process requirements of the customer to give reasonable Suggestions.
    Sino-Auto fully respects the customer unique production requirements, and meets the increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations. Through careful design and advanced equipment, the above requirements can be reached.
    In the early stage of the project, we will provide the following professional and constructive consultancy services to our customers.

    ★Venture analysis
    ★Selection of material handling methods
    ★Selection of process equipment
    ★General layout drawing
  • R&D

    High quality products and services make us the leading integrator in bulk material handling system.
    Innovative products development and customized design, as well as establishing a reliable cooperative relationship with customers is our effort direction.
    Our mission is to benefit customer through ongoing innovation.

    ★P&ID design ★Layout design
    ★3D modeling ★Project management
  • Quality Control

    To meet the regulation and customer requirements, standardized and professional operation measures must be taken to monitor and control the whole process of product manufacturing, and remove the unsafety factors which could cause loss and failure.
    Supervision and control must go through the entire cycle from preliminary design to document delivery. One of the key factors that we win the market recognition and good reputation is that we have a set of complete quality control system and we can offer our customer the consistent high quality equipment and services.

    ★Complete procedure of design, audit and approval for drawings
    ★Strict material quality control (material report and the certificate of approval)
    ★Strict management of certification rules (welding, riveting, crane operators, etc.)
    ★Standard production process (lofting, cutting, welding procedure qualification, surface treatment)
    ★Strict testing measures (NDT, finish inspection, thickness)
    ★Adequate packaging transportation measures(Clean, pipe protection, special support)
    ★Standard commissioning program
    ★Detailed hand-over of as-built drawings

  • Installation and Commissioning

    On-site installation supervision can effectively avoid mistakes and rework, in order to achieve synergies effect and satisfy our customers, thus maintain close cooperation with customers is essential.
    Our services include the installation, commissioning and professional training to operators.

    Gen's field service include the following contents:

    ★Installation supervision ★Operation qualification
    ★Single machine commissioning ★System commissioning
    ★Start up of plant ★System acceptance
    ★Operation training
  • R&D Center

    Sino-Auto R & D center is located in Panyu District ,Guangzhou. It was officially completed on August 2015 after a year of preparation and construction. We have large/small bag unloading station, breaking cyclone separator, bin top deduster, concentrated deduster, feeding machine, escaped gas tank, blow tank, 4 multi-chamber blending silo, elutriator, material analysis hopper, receiving tank, multi-channel receiving tubes and other domestic and foreign advanced analysis testing and research equipments. Welcome the industry to visit the center and have exchanges of know-how.
    We built a property database of bulk material that we have ever handled or we have tested in our lab. For new materials, properties for design can be provided by customer or acquired via lab test.

    Material test will contain the following contents:
    ★ Basic properties testing: granularity, bulk density, angle of repose, water content, adhesion, explosion and suspension speed, etc.
    ★ Pneumatic conveying test: dilute phase, dense phase conveying
    ★ Mass flow silo test