Container / truck loading and unloading

Application Brief

Currently, in most of plants, raw/finish products come or leave plant is in form of small bag package or big bag package. The cost of material loading and unloading takes a great proportion and it increase gradually along with the manpower cost growing.
Bulk container replaces small bag and big bag for material loading and unloading which can greatly save cost in logistic, packing material. And with bulk container advantage, products can be sold to overseas markets. The advantage is obvious in chemical industry, e.g. a 10kt/a plastic compounding plant, compared to small bag package of finished product, bulk container can help customer save 2 million RMB in logistics segment.
Catering for demand of market, Sino-Auto has developed several bulk container loading and unloading technology-S-Container®.

Product Categories

Bulk Container Loading System

Patent No: ZL 2013 2 0562802.2
For large capacity bulk loading in chemical, food and other industries. Easy for medium/long distance road or ocean transportation.
1、Gravity loading
2、Pneumatic conveying loading

Technical advantages

★ Maximized filling rate, high speed loading 180t/h
★ Precise filling and dust well controlled
★ Stable loading process, zero damage for packing bags
★ Order management system
★ Automatic loading, only 1 operator
★ Packing costs save 100 RMB/t
★ Can be shipped
★ Filling efficiency up to 99%, filling precision: 0.1%

Bulk Container UnLoading System

Patent No: ZL 2013 2 0562800.3
For large capacity unloading in chemical, food and other industries. Including frame and frameless unloading. Three outlets design of tilting unloading, improve unloading capability and less residues.
1、20-feet Container Platform
2、40-feet Container Platform
3、Three Outlets Tilting Unloading

Technical advantages

★ 20/40 feet container
★ Easy to operate
★ High speed unloading
★ Enclosed dumping, non-pollution

Bulk Hopper Truck Loading and Unloading System

For large capacity bulk loading in chemical, food and other industries. Suitable for all plastic powder/pellets, PTA, starch, flour, etc.
Suitable for powder and granulate which have good flowability and foundation height greater than 10m. Need loading bellow and control system
Loading system for powder can be equipped with a dust collecting system and dust can be recycled to silo for reuse.
BL Bulk Hopper Truck Loading
★ Loading capacity: 29 to 31 tones
★ Loading time: less than 10 min
★ Filling precision: 0.1%
BU Hopper Truck Unloading
★ Unloading Capacity: 15 to 40 tones per hour
★ Horizontal distance: 100m
★ Vertical height: 60m

Technical advantages

★ Automatic loading, easy to operate
★ Maximized filling rate, large capacity, high speed loading
★ Dust well controlled
★ Stable batch weighing
★ Order management system
★ Loading time≤10 min/truck, filling efficiency up to 95%, filling precision: 0.1%