Automatic Proportioning

Application Brief

Application field: compounding, lithium battery raw material manufacturing, painting, instant food, etc. According to weight percentage, components are defined as major components,minor components and micro components, and they are proportionally added to weighing hopper and mixer based on production recipe. At present, most of these components are manually weighed and delivered to mixer.
In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, the whole proportioning process can be accomplished automatically. The process of automatic proportioning includes acquire raw material from storage silo (hopper), precise weighing according recipe and discharge to downstream mixing equipment.

Product Categories

Automatic Proportioning

DOS-100 applied in lithium battery industry
★ High accuracy
★ No dust spillage
DOS-200 applied in plastic compounding
★ Quantity of components can be more than 10
★ High accuracy
★ No dust spillage

Technical advantages

★ High quality load cell, guarantee weighing precision 
★ Optimized weighing hopper design and accessories
★ Special design of rigid support structure and flexible connection to insure high stability of weighing system
★ Modular proportioning station, compact and good looking
★ Dynamic precision 0.5%, batching precision 0.2%
★ Safety recipe management and data sharing