Raw Meterial Unloading

Application Brief


Product Categories

Small Bag Unloading

XD (manual small bag unloading station)
1、100 normal cone
2、200 activated cone
3、300 screening cone
XS (Automatic small bag unloading line)
1、100 automatic small bag unloading station
2、200 automatic small bag unloading station + robot

Technical advantages

XD manual small bag unloading station
★ Standard components: cover with spring support, limit switch, screen, reception hopper and filter. Optional selection: level switch and magnet iron remover
★ Equipped with adequate filter, no dust spillage
★ Modular design, easy to clean

XS Automatic small bag unloading line
★ Standard components: transferring belt, cutting machine, bag compactor, and filter. Optional selection: robot arm and pneumatic conveying system.
★ Unloading capacity: up to 400 bags per hour

High-speed Slitting Machine

High-speed slitting machine can realize whole stack of bagged materials slitting, automatic lifting pallets and collection, automatic collection of waste bags. 3 times efficiency of the traditional slitting machines.
Dimension: 4940mm×2653mm×3230mm
Power: 10kw
Equipment material: carbon steel for main structure, contact parts with materials is 304SS, or precisely customized system

Technical advantages

★ Discharging of stack package(5-8 bags/layer)
★ No request to the regularity of stack package
★ Pallet size—1800(L)*1500(W)mm (max)
★ Suitable for small bag pellets
★ Single bag weight: 25-50kg
★ Package material: PE bag, kraft paper bag, woven bag, etc.
★ Dumping rate:=99.99% (Depending on the flow characteristic of bagged material)
★ Maximum capacity: 1200 bags/h

Super Sack Unloading

SU (super sack unloading station)
● 100 standard
● 110 super sack and small bag combination
● 200 activated cone
● 300 with pinching device
● 400 with impactors

Technical advantages

★ Double channel spout connection design, no dust spillage
★ Modular design, easy to assemble and extend
★ Pneumatic impactors are possible for material with poor flow ability
★ Activated cone is possible for material with poor flow ability
★ Pinching device is an option; material flow can be cut off during discharging
★ Hard steel sleeve is used for protection of cables