ZhuHai Coslight Battery

Sino-Auto updated the original manual batching system of lithium battery materials premix, realize automatically from powder preparation, conveying, weighing,feeding, pulp conveying, solvent fully automatic monitoring and measuring feeding, operation and management. The automatic line reduces the labor intensity, the ingredients of the risk, and to improve the workshop environment, improve the work efficiency.

Project Content

Project:2013year,Auto-weighing and conveying system
Materials:Lithium cobaltite, Ternary, Graphite, Carbon powder, PVDF

System Features

● 1.5wt/y battery powder auto-weighing
● Capacity: 1.5-5t/h
● Meetting the requirement of both large and small batch matching simultaneously, small batch accuracy ±20g

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Project Review

Project:2010year,Auto-weighing and conveying system

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