Zhuhai Yinglong New Energy

Sino-Auto provided the complete negative pole material feeding system, the concentrated feed over the agitator buffer tank, then completed ingredients and fed the mixer by gravity according to the proportion at the top of the mixer. Further improved the accuracy of the ingredients through 1 to 1 ingredients system and reduced dust on top of the mixer.

Project Content

Project:2010year,Auto-matching and Conveying system
Materials:LCO, Conductive agent, PVDF, NMP; Graphite, CMC, DI water

System Features

● Capacity: 1000kg/h
● Auto-maticing accuracy: 2‰, ±0.1kg/lot
● Powder feeding, conveying, auto-weighing and auto-matching, slurry transferring, solvent metering charging, and automatic monitoring, operation and management

Project Picture

Project Review