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Highpowner Technology specializes in professional nimh/lithium ion rechargeable battery production, recycling of waste battery recycling, battery materials research and development and manufacturing. Sino-Auto helped them improve the system working conditions, clean production and reduce dust pollution through transforming the original system of the positive semi-automatic ingredients and negative semi-automatic batching by precise calculation.

Project Content

Project:2015year, Battery semiautomatic powder dosing system
Materials:Positive - lithium cobalt oxide, ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese oxide, PVDF, conductive agent, NMP,Negative - graphite, CMC, a conductive agent, DI water

System Features

● Energy saving: in terms of design ability as the basis, select different ratio of solid and gas in accordance with different conveying requirements to ensure the capacity with smaller air flow and power consumption, while ensuring the reliability of conveying and not easy to plug pipe.
● All pipe connections are static jumper, ensure performance of grounding pipeline and static electricity eliminating.
● Compact structure, simple process, one connected to the storage bin and spiral feeder, saving space.
● Friendly human user interface: menu mode in accordance with various needs, dynamically reflect the execution status of different parts and provide detailed information to operator.
● ProfiBUS Digital communications ensure accuracy of weighing data and improve the control precision.

System Advantages

● Grid-type de-ironing separator, reduce iron content in raw material from source.
● Plating processing feeding grille,Reduce friction between grid and equipment ,reduce scrap iron in process of feeding.
● Double spiral design for material conveying to avoid material bypass.
● Negative pressure conveying, reduce powder spillover, avoid raw materials wasting and improve working environment.
● Batching accuracy 2 ‰, improve product quality.

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