Btrchina New Energy Material

Project Content

Project:2009year,Penumatic conveying of cathode materials, automatic metering and matching system
Materials:Graphite, CMC, Condutive agent

System Features

● Capcaity: 3t/h
● Auto-maticing accuracy: 2‰, ±0.1kg/lot

System Advantages

● Cathode material of a complete set of conveyor, automatic measuring ingredients, conveying system, part adopts closed negative pressure conveying pipe, to reduce dust, improve product quality and improve the operation environment.
● Powder feeding, conveying, auto-weighing and auto-matching, slurry transferring, solvent metering charging, and automatic monitoring, operation and management.
● All equipments reach dust explosion-proof standards, emissions particle content is less than 15 mg/m³.

Project Picture

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