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Project Content

Project:2014year,powder processor modular assembly system
Materials:Graphite, Manganese dioxide, Etc,Capacity: 10-20t/h, Conveying distance: 60m, Dense phase conveying, Air velocity: 6.5m³/min,11m³ silo

System Features

● Material: graphite, manganese dioxide, etc;Capacity: 10-20t/h;Conveying distance: 60m;Dense phase conveying;Air velocity: 6.5m³/min;11m³ silo
● Raw material area: super sack unloading ⇒ dense phase conveying to storage tanks ⇒ tank weighing ⇒ spiral proportioning ⇒ weighing tank ⇒ dense phase conveying to the main module ⇒ main module receiving tank
● Main module area: rework material blow tank ⇒ dense phase conveying to receiving tank; expansion joint unloading ⇒ roller conveyor

System Advantages

● Dense phase and low speed conveying, reduce the wear and tear of the pipe wall, small air flow, less selection of deduster, low energy consumption
● External bypass, automatic sequence of the emergency unbolck and pipe cleaning
● Design of vibration on the silo bottom effectively solved the problem of low material density and easy bypass
● In accordance with the requirements of the latest formula by Duracell, automatic high precision proportioning through spiral and weighing system
● Module design, reduce the site operation and the risk of site safety, shorten time of field operation, minimize the impact on the existing production order, reproducible, small occupation, compact layout
● Optimization of the dust collecting system effectively reduce dust production environment
● Module is easy to transport, land or shopping

Project Picture

Project Review

Project:2000year,5kt/y sifter unit and conveying sysyem
System feature:
● Capacity: >2t/h; Weighing system accuracy: 0.1%
● Make full use of height; Reasonable device for dosing; Accuracy orientation

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