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Sino-Auto 2015 PTA conveying and container loading system combines pneumatic conveying, exhaust filtering and storage together, including loading, dust collection and recycling of the waste. Compares to previous tankers and super sack packaging, container packaging greatly save the packaging and transportation costs. Our solution fundamentally satisfied customers by container packaging material increasing. The system efficiency is extremely high, completes 26.2 tons of PTA loading within 9 minutes & without dust leakage, greatly improves the working environment. Whole loading process is automatic control, one key start, without manual operation, reduces the labor intensity.

Project Content

Project:2015year, PTA conveying and container loading system phase Ⅲ

System Features

● 2 loading lines, 2 exhaust collecting loading lines and 1 dust recovery line
● Max. capacity: 7t/h

Project Picture

Project Review

2013year,PTA conveying and container loading system phaseⅡ
System feature:
♦ Loading capacity up to 25t per 20 feet container
♦ 20% higher beyond the contract design


2012year,PTA conveying and tanker loading station phaseⅠ
System feature:
♦ 150t/h PTA powder conveying; 70t/h tanker loading station
♦ Innovative air sealing devices to prevent the powder leakage while loading