Yancon Lunan Chemial Fertilizer Plant

Project Content

Project:2014year,auto loader device project

System Features

● 4 sets of artificial dust-free unloading station
● 1 waste bag collection station; 8 stainless moving hoppers
● 4 2t full closed platform lifts, lifting height:24m
● 3 sets of vacuum loader(POM particles recycling about 3mm), loading quantity:1t / h
● 1 moving dust-free small bag dumping station
● 1 movable 500kg bag dumping station

Project Picture

Project Review

2011year,40 kt/a POM powder and pellets conveying system
System feature:
♦ 3.5t/h POM pellets dense phase conveying line
♦ 15t/h POM powder N2 closed loop conveying line
♦ 15t/h POM powder tube chain conveying line; 3t/h loss-in-weigh feeder
♦ 30m3 SS304 material  blending silo
♦ 135m3 finished products blending and packing silo
♦ Feeding accuracy:0.5%