Polymer Synthesis

In the synthesis process of polymers like PE, PP, PTA, PVA, PA, PC, ABS, and POM, the finish products will be conveyed, homogenized, stored and packed or newly popular bulk container loaded before entering market.

Scheme Content

In order to ensure safety production and product quality, any handling process for powder and pellets has to be tailored design according to material characteristics. Sino - Auto® can provide you reliable, energy saving and high quality solution of pneumatic conveying and our bulk container loading system will save plenty of cost in logistics for your company.

Technical Advantages

  • 01

    Large conveying capacity and long conveying distance

    (e.g. PTA)Inner pass conveying technique, conveying capacity up to 150 t/h

  • 02

    Pellet conveying needs to avoid fluff and stream

    Optimized dilute phase conveying + use of shot peened pipe or dense phase conveying

  • 03

    Homogenizing of finish product

    Blending silo

  • 04

    Bulk Loading

    Hopper truck and sea container

Scheme Value

Improve efficiency and save costs
Proprietary Automatic Unloading Technology for Containers and Bags

Reduction of breakage and residue of aggregates
Optimized pneumatic conveying system

Meet the requirements of clean production and GMP.
Design of Quick Disassembly Equipment and Modular Unit

Requirement for the accuracy of different main ingredients and accessories
Fully automatic batching system

Provides online recipe management and historical data query and download.